JusTalk and Pivo Partner to Bring Creative Fun to Video Communication

JusTalk and Pivo Partner to Bring Creative Fun to Video Communication

Video calls are the new norm of communication and are no longer considered as "exciting and unique" as they used to be. People talk to their coworkers, friends, and family daily through video calls with limitations from moving away from their seats, but calls don't have to be static anymore.

Pivo is excited to announce that the video chat app, JusTalk, integrated Pivo's software development kit (SDK) to bring Pivo's Auto-Tracking to its video calls. The mission of JusTalk is to let people communicate anywhere in the world through creative ways. Unlike most video chat applications, JustTalk includes fun features like drawing and sharing doodles, stickers, and photos. Users can also challenge friends to games and record their calls whenever they want.

With the Pivo SDK integration and a Pivo Pod, JusTalk users can now move around while video calling their friends and family without walking out of frame. JusTalk released the global beta version of the application last Thursday, September 9th, for its Android users. Around 100 users were selected to test the application, and an updated version will go public at a later date for both JusTalk and JusTalk Kids users on both iOS and Android devices.

Applications can integrate Pivo's advanced motion tracking technology with Pivo’s open SDK to improve user experience. Pivo has a strong community of partners that plan to integrate Pivo's SDK in 2020 to further grow their businesses and take advantage of the opportunity to reach new users from the “Pivographer” community.

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