Pivo’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Pivo’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day can mean different things for many people. It can be a chance to follow up the amazing gift you gave last Christmas…or it can be the perfect apology for the fight you got in one week ago. Either way, Valentine’s Day is the chance to show that special someone you really care about them and here at Pivo, we’d like to call ourselves experts in making moments to remember. 

Welcome to the Pivo Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. We’ve got ideas that you can use to create gifts and romantic gestures that your partner will love. Break away from the typical cards, flowers and chocolate and make this Valentine’s Day one they won’t stop talking about.

1. The gift of creation - Pivo Pod 

What’s better than the ability to make memories for yourself? The Pivo Pod is the gift that keeps giving. Create new memories together or simply support your partner’s content creation. Whatever the use, Pivo has a Pod to elevate their creation needs. Check out our Pivo Pod comparison chart to see which Pod is right for your special someone.

2. Curate your memories 

No matter how long you’ve been together, there’s bound to be moments you want to remember. Make them a scrapbook capturing the best of them. Old movie tickets, cute selfies together — create a timeline of your relationship together. Already have a Pivo Pod of your own? Use it to diversify your images! With Fun Create Modes, you can utilize more unique images that leave a lasting impression.

3. Confess your love — again

Actions speak louder than words and videos speak louder than photos. Showcase your love with a heartfelt confession, make them laugh, or even recite a poem you wrote for them. There are no limits with Pivo. Just focus on the content and Pivo will focus on you.

4.  A romantic getaway 

Take a break from the real world. Book a luxurious AirBnb for a romantic staycation. Choose from a beach house, or maybe a cabin in the woods and you’re all set to refresh with your special someone.


5. Try something new together

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to try that dance class you’ve always wanted. Learn some new dance moves or maybe just have a good laugh. Even if you’re both terrible, at least you’re together. Want to capture the moment? Bring your Pod Silver and capture every move so you can look back on this experience. With Tracking Presets available for you to customize your settings, you won’t miss a single turn. 


6. Take a hike and take in the view

If you're both fans of nature, go out and explore some. Pack a picnic and go for a hike in a place with a scenic view. If you’re not a fan of hiking, then find a nice place to watch the sunset. Take a nice Timelapse or Panoramic shot of the view and you’ll never be able to forget.


7. A Doggy Date

Is your partner a dog lover? Fill their doggy dreams by borrowing your friend’s pet for the day. Or visit Borrow My Doggy to rent a dog for the day! Go for a walk, enjoy your time together and your new furry friend. Your partner will love the doggy cuddles…and you! Pull out your Pivo and test out Dog Tracking. You’ll catch your new friend’s best angles and the best results.

See any ideas on our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide that you want to try out? Let us know which one you use or tell us if you think of other ideas. Don’t forget to bring your Pivo to add to the magic of the moment.

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